NKJV Gift & Award Bible
書類: 英 文 聖 經
單價: $6.99
New King James Version with illustrated Bible Dictionary-Concordance. The perfect gift for all ages. Some people think the New King James is simply the King James without the "thees" and the "thous." The truth is, it's a fresh, completely updated translation that took the painstaking work of 130 scholars over 7 years. The New King James captures the beauty and accuracy of the KJV, in contemporary, readable language. So if it's accuracy you demand and readability you expect, it's the New King James. Features: Words of Christ printed in red; Full-color maps illuminate the Bible text; Topical subject headings; Durable and practical binding. 5 3/8 x 8 1/4 inch. Font Size: 7.5
ISBN 0785256199